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President 's Message

Dear students,

It gives me an immense pleasure to welcome you at the website of New Sun Beam Educational Society, one of the dynamic educational institutions in Hazara Town. The doors of this vibrant institution are open for each and every citizen of Pakistan and even for the refugees. In terms of students' enrolment, it is truly the popular educational institution of Hazara Town. This institution provides education of international standard at the doorsteps of the students with an affordable cost. The students will have the opportunity to pursue a range of extracurricular activities to complement his or her rigorous academic curriculum. The fee structure of this institution is perhaps the lowest as compared to the fee structures of other institutions in Hazara Town.

NSBES is perhaps the only institution where educational and social development go hand in hand; where you can continue your education along with your job, business and domestic responsibilities.Our tailored focus on academics and the whole child means that every student will find a prosperous life here. We particularly welcome the candidates to get education at NSBES.

As a President NSBES, my priority will be to strengthen the basic and higher education and requirements of students especially in the field of information technology. We have qualified and experienced teachers at our institution. Our experienced, skilled teaching staff works together as a team to guide the student through his or her academic journey and we will strengthen our teachers to provide dynamic and standard education to the youths of this society. You can visit the office of NSBES and can purchase prospectus and admission form of your desired program.

In the world of today the modern communication technology is playing greater role in providing facilities for the delivery system and quality education. New Sun Beam is making new strides in employing most modern communication technology to the service of education. The rapid advancement in information technology has helped a great deal in eliminating the physical distances. With latest innovations in computer and communication technology, the world has become a global village where information is readily available and accessible to everyone. NSBES has taken full advantage of the modern techniques of communication to facilitate and support its students for better quality education through lectures, workshops, video/audio visual test etc. by expert teachers.

I wish a very bright future for all of you. I hope that after getting education at NSBES, you will become an asset for the country and the nation and you will be able to play an important role for the development and prosperity of our nation and the country. And finally I want to say that you will also believe and work and will keep alive our motto “Our aim is to serve our nation”.

With kind regards

President NSBES

Mr. Ali Baba Iqbal

Biography of New Sun Beam Educational Society


New Sun Beam Educational Society was established in 2002 under Societies Act No.1860 (Registration No. 831) approved by Directorate of Industries & Commerce Balochistan, Quetta with the motto “Our aim is to serve our nation. It was initially named as New Sun Beam Educational Society. In the beginning, New Sun Beam Educational, Society® started imparting education by establishing New Sun Beam English Medium School which was approved by Education District Officer and Deputy District Officer, Chilton Town under the supervision of New Sun Beam Educational Society® and later on after two years of success in school, New Sun Beam Educational Society® established New Sun Beam English Language Centre in 2004 teaching English Language to the students of this society which was and is the dire need of students. To see and understand the problems and requirements of students, New Sun Beam Educational Society® established New Sun Beam Computer Science Academy in 2009 imparting education in latest innovations in Computer Science and Information/Communication Technology. By the grace of Almighty Allah and the prayers of our nation, New Sun Beam Educational Society has been working energetically and dynamically in all these three sections with success, honor and dignity since the establishment. We thank The Almighty Allah for making us feel proud and pride for Sunbeam and Sunbeamians. Long live Sunbeam and Sunbeamians.

Our Administrative Structure:

1. President/Chairman

2. Vice-president/Dupty Chairman

3. Finance Secretary

4. Audtior

5. Executive Members

Our Academic Structure: (School)

1. Principal
2. Vice-principal
3. Accountant
4. Bazm-e-adab Incharge
5. Librarain
6. Lab Incharge
7. Registrar
8. Prefect Incharge
9. Physical Training Instructor (PTI)/Sports Incharge
10. Science Teacher
11. Maths Teacher
12. Islamiat Teacher
13. Computer Teacher
14. Drawing Teacher
15. Socal Studies Teacher
16. Arabic Teacher
17. English Teacher
18. Urdu Teacher

Our Academic Structure: (Centre)

1. Director

2. Executive Director

3. Accountant/cashier

4. Bazm-e-adab Incharge

5. Registrar

6. Head of the organizers

7. Publisher/Distributer

8. English Language Teachers

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